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Entrepreneur, Persian model, Musician

Hi, i'm Ymsef!

Entrepreneur, Persian model, Musician

Amir yoosef safarnezhad (born september 11, 1997 ) in Golestan, Iran.
He was graduated from Cambridge school in Malaysia.
He is not only an entrepreneur - Musician - persian model but also a professional athlete and fitness trainer and instagram viner. He’s known as Ymsef in social media.

E-mail: info [at] DrMy.IR / Address : Tehran, Iran



Fitness Trainer

He left Iran for Malaysia when he was 15 and started with fitness when he was 16. Amir Yoosef started Physical Education and took Nutrition courses in 2013 and 2014. He has an international coaching degree from IFBB America and also one from EHFA Germany.

Starting as a Viner

He started his artistic activities by posting 15 second funny videos on Instagram in December 2016. As Instagram increased the allowed duration for posting videos, his comedy clips were seen by more and more people and nowadays he is a really well known Viner on this social media. By the way, a Viner is a person who creates comedy clips for social medias.


Amir Yoosef, with his long history in fitness, has lots of championship medals and appreciations that show his efforts in achieving his physical and artistic goals.

Refusing to become an actor

He says that he has had lots of offers from different directors to take part in their movies, but he refuses to do so since he thinks his audience will have high expectations from him, so he’s not willing to take a role unless he thinks it will suit him best.

Marital Status

He remains single and is not married yet.


   Professional Skills

  • 70% Complete
    Comunication 70%
  • 85% Complete
    Leadership 85%
  • 85% Complete
    Confidence 85%



Elahiyeh, Tehran, Iran


info [at] DrMy.IR

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